Sunday, 10 April 2016

Why it's better to buy lots of smaller sized banners, than 1 big banner!

Most customers who buy a birthday or event banner do so because they want to decorate & fill a room, they usually hire a hall, then jump online and order the biggest & longest banner they can get, only to find that it won't fit or there are no fixing areas within that hall or establishment.

In fact, most people who hire a hall, aren't allowed to hang anything and apart from using blue-tack, they will find the weight of the banner won't hold up, they have spent over $200 for something that will end up looking cheap. To top it off, the banner will be USED once for a 6 or 8-hour event.

It is more economical to buy more smaller sized banners & hang or place them around a room than to get one big banner.

Think about this, when people are protesting they are holding up signs to get your attention. Lots of smaller size signs force you to see them. You buy a banner for advertising your event, so make it stand out & remind your guests who should be getting all of the attention.

This is where the people at have used their head. They offer a one sized banner a little over 1 metre in length but offer copies at a very reasonable special price. This way your event banner can be placed all around the venue, not just the back or front.

The banners are now available in paper, see our new sister site they offer a 2 for 1 deal for around $20.

The card or the super lightweight fabric which is also tear & waterproof, for indoor or outdoor use, with or without eyelets, for easy fixing are available at

After the event, you can easily roll-up the banner/s for a keepsake or easily dispose of them.

The best thing about or banners are the high detailed complexed graphics they use, these are not usually found on vinyl banners as they are too complexed to be printed on large areas and not found at most banner or party shops. also offer a same day dispatch service for those who have left it as a last minute thing to get, and further offer a very regular 50% off sale.

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